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Below is a brief cross section of a few of my recent projects...

I will be adding more as time allows.

All projects below were modeled in Solidworks. Image renders created with Bunkspeed Shot.

A very large project I recently completed. It's a quarter-scale model of the Wright J-5 radial engine. The engine Charles Lindbergh used to cross the Atlantic in 1927. I modeled this engine complete from drawings.

A two cylinder vertical Steam Engine design circa 1830. The original design had no governor so I designed my own. It's a "Flyball" or "Centrifugal" governor designed from various sketches and photos collected during research.

An assortment of rings I created while building my portfolio to include a bit of jewelry. Jewelry requires very careful work with lightning and materials to produce realistic images.

I needed a spark plug model for one of my projects and was disappointed at the dismal selection offered on the web. Nothing I found looked realistic or properly proportioned. So, I modeled my own with high detail and proper proportions.

A pseudo Bosch distributor assembly for my radial engine model. The blueprints were quite vague so I had to improvise quite a bit to complete the model.

This is a classic pool table scene I created while working on various lighting environments and textures. The goal, as usual, is absolute realism.

I've modeled a few classic hood badges as I find them quite interesting, especially the older ones with porcelain. I'll be adding more badges as I can fit them in.

This Steam Engine model has one unique feature, a hypocycloidal gear assembly which converts the linear motion of the piston into rotational motion of the flywheel and output shaft.

Just a pencil. This was a simple weekend project done mainly for fun. The main challenge was to add as much fine detail as possible.

Trying my hand at modeling Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Some shapes are standard, some highly experimental. No textures or decals were applied during rendering. All lettering was done in Solidworks with solid wraps.

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